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Easy to use user-interface, lots of effects and image editing tools.
Lacking the social aspect that PicsArt has.

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I have always been impressed with the on-line image editor Pixlr and now they have developed an Android app which is equally impressive and, like PicsArt, great fun to use and full of features and effects.

The first thing I like is, the minute you open Pixlr, you are asked if you want to take a picture or use one you already have, either on your device or from a cloud service.

Pixlr has lots of effects to choose from and the ability to add an overlay and border to your image. It also enables you to add different types of stickers and text to your image if you want for fun. There are also many different effects to add, for example, a vintage look to your image.

If you just want to use Pixlr as an image editor for improving pictures, Pixlr has lots of solid tools, like red eye tool, sharpen, blur, auto-fix, vibrance, touch-up and colour tools in the adjustment section. Also under the tools section you can crop or rotate the image.

Some of the tools I had the most fun with was the colour splash and focal blur tool. I love having a photo in black and white, mixed with just the colour of one object picked out in the photo. It's easy to do and looks great.

When you have edited your picture and have it just the way you want, you can then save the image in jpg or png format to your device and in different quality or file size, which I think is a really useful feature. Images can also be shared directly to other apps you may have like Facebook.

I think Pixlr has a really easy to use user-interface. It's also real easy to un-do any changes you made in case you messed up your image so you can experiment worry free. It is as good as PicsArt in the image editor stakes, but it's missing the social aspect that PicsArt has.

Pixlr is not only available for Android, but also other platforms including iOS and the Web app.

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