Painting and retouching software for full color graphics with lots of free plug-ins.


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Pros & Cons:

Custom brushes, numerous layers as the PC memory lasts, popular format even PSD (photshop), language support.
Does not support GIF, unconventional tools that make it not very user friendly.

Our Review:

Pixia is the English version of a popular Japanese painting and retouching software for full color graphics.

It supports masks, layers and many other editing functions. You can use your own customized brush tips and even use an image file as a brush tip to create unique effects.

With the new engine, the paint feels smooth like ArtRage. It has lots of free plug-ins, and filter downloads that make this program quite unique and different from other tools. This is well worth picking up for painting on photographs.

Pixia was reviewed by on based on version 6.