PicSay - Photo Editor


PicSay - Photo Editor

Jam-packed with effects and enables you to add text and speech bubbles to pictures


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Get It: Android
License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Image Editor for Android

Pros & Cons:

Large number of effects, ability to "fix" photos and easy to send photos.
High and Maximum Quality pictures only available in full version and not enough fonts for text.

Our Review:

PicSay is jam-packed with effects as well as enabling you to add text and speech bubbles to pictures, making it perfect for e-cards and presentations on the go. All you need to do is to tap the picture to bring up the menu giving you the options of effects, word balloons as well as titles, stickers, export via Bluetooth, gmail, google+, MMS as well as options to share it via installed apps that support photos.

One of the most amazing features of this software is the ability to "fix" photos using classic features of editing software such as tint, hue, saturation and toning. This enables you to clear up blurry or discolored photos.

Many features are included in the free version. This software is ideal for anyone taking casual pictures to send to friends or family while on holiday or away from home.

One of the only issues I had with this software was the image quality: it was restricted to SD, with the only available resolution being 427x320. Both High (640x480) and Maximum (1024x768) definitions are only available in the Pro version.

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