A free Linux jigsaw puzzle program stands out on its own by adopting a new idea


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Create and solve puzzles, save and open puzzle files, set tile sizes, solving a puzzle by swapping pieces or with a helpful solver.
No sound effects.

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Picpuz, a free Linux jigsaw puzzle program, stands out on its own by adopting a new idea. All puzzle pieces are presented right in front on the board and not scattering around. To solve a puzzle, just click any two pieces, each at a time, to swap them.

You can open an image file you like, set tile size, click "randomize tiles" and you are ready with a puzzle to solve. You can also save a puzzle at any time to a file, and open it again to solve the puzzle when you're free.

Too difficult to solve a puzzle? click "move one tile home" or even "move ten tiles home" to make life easier.

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