Has the largest selection of effective tools for the needs of most average users.


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Easy to use, has the most selections of tools (screen capture, color picker, image editor, screen ruler, magnifier, protractor, crosshair, whiteboard) and also the most flexible and user-friendly screen capture tool.
Comes bundled with unwanted components such as toolbars and may attempt to change your system settings. Use caution when installing to avoid these items, or a third party application like the free version of WinPatrol which will issue a warning and allow such changes to be blocked.

Our Review:

With its ease of use and having the largest selection of effective tools available, PicPick tops this category.

It has possibly the most flexible screen capture tool (capturing different areas such as full-screen, active window, freehand capture) in the freeware arena. It also includes an image editing tool that handles basic editing needs from color correction (brightness/contrast, hue saturation) to effects (blurring/sharpening). In addition, the software also includes a color picker, screen ruler, magnifier, protractor, crosshair and a whiteboard.

Despite topping the category, I do wish the image editor had a bit of flexibility with its interface. The toolbar is locked up top and can't be moved to the right or left side of the screen. This flexibility comes in handy when you're editing images. I personally find it easier to switch tools when the toolbar is on the right or left side of the image. It's a bit counter-intuitive when you have to continually go to the top of the screen to switch tools or effects.

In the end though, PicPick goes above and beyond any software covered in this category. With the largest selection of tools for the needs of most average users and having tools that do a good enough job in their respective tasks, this software deserves the spot at the top.

PicPick was reviewed by on based on version 3.2.6.