An excellent mid-level image editor with a comprehensive feature set


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Many features including some that not many editors have; Now has layers which also means that transformations can apply to the image or just a layer; Photoshop 8bf filters; GIF animation; Scanner interface; Batch automation.
Not for basic users as there is not a lot of help to determine what some settings do; No HDR or Raw processing.

Our Review:

PhotoFiltre is an excellent mid-level editor with a comprehensive feature set but not HDR nor Raw file support. Among the latest features are layers, support for some Photoshop 8bf filters, a multi-selection mode, a plug-in for animated GIFs, and other plug-ins. It still has some features that the other editors in this class don't have such as batch processing and a scanner interface.

Simple adjustments can be made fairly quickly using the tool bar buttons, or you can make more advanced adjustments by delving deeper into the menus. Basic users will find this difficult because there is little guidance about some effects.

Like other editors in this category drawn elements become part of the image canvas once they are de-selected. Now that there are layers, your drawn elements can be placed on another layer where you continue to work with them.

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