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Photo! Editor

The easiest photo editor with basic enhancement tools


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Extremely easy to use with some very nice professional quality makeup tools; All options are clearly visible with preset buttons; The best straightening tool I've seen; Options to adjust settings too; File folder tree view.
Has not been updated since 2008, forum inactive since 2009; A number of bugs such as distorted thumbnails;

Our Review:

Photo! Editor is the easiest photo editor I have used. The straighten tool is a good example of this: simply draw a line across the image where it should be level and Photo! Editor rotates it to suit. It has all of the basic enhancement tools to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and color cast, and some retouching or "make-up" tools that work similar to the coveted healing brush in more professional editors like Photoshop.

There is a lot of help and examples. Just be sure to pay attention to the little down arrows next to the tool bar icons. Those will help you access the more powerful manual options.

The downsides to this program are that it has not been updated for several years, there is no support from the developer, and there is no clear upgrade path when you want to develop your photo editing skills further.

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