Perform Unit Conversions and Calculations With This Simple, Free Calculator


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This cross platform, open source calculator calculates almost everything and performs easy unit conversions like length, weight, currency, percentage, temperature and more.

Caligator does calculations and unit conversions with a twist - it interprets what you're calculating and displays the results as you type and looks great while doing it.
It looks like Numi (free right now) for the Mac. The developers liked the Numi interface and were inspired to create a similar cross platform open source app.

The app is in prerelease right now, so features are limited. New features coming up in the next few weeks include font size preferences, export options, click to copy and more themes.
I've been doing quite a few conversions using it and so far everything is accurate. The dark theme is not working in Windows at the moment, that's been submitted to the developer.
Windows users might need to run Caligator as admin to be able to input data (right click on the desktop icon and choose Run as administrator). Caligator can be be maximized on your screen by double clicking anywhere in the calculator when it's open. Double click again to return to the original size.

Caligator runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and is malware free according to VirusTotal. You can find a direct download link to all platform releases and the source code on the developers GitHub page.

This isn't an advanced scientific calculator but if you do a lot of converting of everything from millimeters to cooking conversions and basic math calculations it's quite useful. If you're looking for a calculator where results aren't crucial that has a beautiful, easy to use interface, give Caligator a try.


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There's also Converber, a stand alone conversion program mostly for Windows but has an iPhone/iPad download link too.

They frequently publish update conversion files.

For folks that don't know, you can do conversions and calcs in the google search bar. You can also ask Alexa (or OK Google, or Siri I presume) to do conversions which is probably the fastest way to get an answer (though not good for calcs except for simple ones.)

Yes, you can do many things using Google search and that's a good feature. DuckDuckGo has a similar function.
If you prefer more privacy using Google, you can use encrypted Google to search:

You may want to fix your typo in the headline. I think you meant to type "conversions" and not conversations.

Perform Unit Conversations and Calculations With This Simple, Free Calculator

Thanks dwainwood for bringing up to our attention. The typo has now been fixed.

Thanks bunches. I'm not going to mention how many times I read that and it slipped right past my eyes. :-O

I read this too and missed it. Amazing how some word or phrase errors trigger with certain people and not others. Had to look at this one twice too before it hit me. MC - Site Manager.