A Perfect Replacement for Notepad++ on Android



Notepad++, our Editor's Choice for Best Free Programming Editor, is a popular and widely used text and code editor. It is an ideal replacement for Notepad and complete with features to edit programming codes in Windows.

I use it frequently on PCs, even with two shortcuts added to the taskbar -- one for running in a small window to take some simple notes; another for launching in a full-screen window to edit HTML files.

It would have been better if Notepad++ could have a version to run on Android. But it doesn’t.

The good news is there are several alternative text editors built for Android, including JotterPad reviewed recently. It is a distraction-free text editor allowing you to focus on writing and editing lots of text, but sadly it is not a strong code editor.

If you are looking for a text and code editor for Android almost like what Notepad++ does in Windows, QuickEdit produced by Rhythm Software is one of the best choices for its sleek design, high performance and support for more than 50 programming languages.

Check this out if you’ve not tried it.

QuickEditQuickEdit Text Editor




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