PDF Shuffler


PDF Shuffler

A small app to merge or split pdf documents, re-arrange, rotate and crop pdf pages


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Get It: Linux
License: Free
Review & Alternatives: Best Free PDF Tools - General

Pros & Cons:

Easy to re-order, rotate, crop or remove pages, split or merge pdf files in interactive user interface, small size.
Lacking some features available in other pdf tools.

Our Review:

For Linux users, PDF Shuffler should make it much easier for you to re-arrange pages in a pdf document, or merge and split pdf files.

After importing one or more pdf files to PDF Shuffler, the various pages appear as thumbnails, making it easy to merge, re-order or delete. You can right-click a thumbnail to rotate or crop a page before exporting to a new pdf file.

PDFShuffler is a small application running on Linux. Some distros, such as Ubuntu, include PDF Shuffler in the repository for ease of download and setup.

As a good alternative, try also PDF Mod for Linux. It has almost the same functionalities as PDF Shuffler but comes with a clearer PDF viewer and a slider to adjust zooming levels easily. Even though it lacks a feature for cropping select pages, you get more other goodies such as exporting images, adding bookmarks and editing properties including the title, author, keywords and subject of PDF files.

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