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PDF Shaper

Offers a variety of tools to protect, modify and convert pdf documents


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License: Free (Limited features)
Review & Alternatives: Best Free PDF Tools - General

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A collection of useful PDF tools including merge and split PDFs, encrypt and decrypt PDF, extract text and images, convert to and from images, etc.
Convert PDF to Word RTF up to three pages, specifying pages to split PDFs encountered an error when tried. Bundled with an optional toolbar.

Our Review:

PDF Shaper offers a different set of PDF tools which include Split and Merge PDFs, Encrypt and Decrypt PDF, Convert PDF to Image and vice versa, Extract Images from PDF, Rotate Pages or Sign PDF, Extract Text from PDF and Convert PDF to Word RTF.

PDF Shaper lacks such tools such as adding watermark, adding header and footer, reorder pages, crop pages, adding PDF information, etc. available in PDFill PDF Tools, but it has some other tools that PDFill PDF Tools does not have, such as Extract Text from PDF and Convert PDF to Word RTF.

PDF Shaper sports a clean user interface and it's easy to use. However, the function of Convert PDF to Word RTF only did up to three pages of conversion and specifying pages for splitting PDFs encountered an error when tried.

During installation of PDF Shaper, uncheck the option for bundling a toolbar or any other component which you do not need.

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On PDF Shaper download page look for the sentence "Also you can download free version without optional offers". "free version" is a link.

The link here to Glory Logic for pdf shaper leads to a 404. Any links on the 404 page I tried also lead to 404 page.

II did find pdf shaper at pdfshaper.com and there is still a "free version" link to download without optional offers as mentioned in other comment.
I believe this is the same product as here. I have been using pdf shaper for a while after reading about it here.

If it is the same product, there no longer is an option to convert to RTF in free version, only converts to text and image in free version.
I came here because I thought I was able to convert in previous versions and I guess I was right.
Not sure when they eliminated that

Many thanks. The links have now been updated. MC - Site Manager.