This PDF Converter Is Free Now


Forte PDF ConverterAfter yesterday's review of a system that converts from PDF to an editable format such as Microsoft Word, here's something that works in the opposite direction. PDF Forte converts Word, Excel and PowerPoint files (and presumably Libre Office files too, as they use the same format) into PDF files.

The program used to be commercial but it's now free. You'll find it at and it's a 39 MB download. Note that the "free trial" button is misleading - it's totally free.

The site is rated as trustworthy by Web of Trust. And the download itself is malware-free, according to VirusTotal. This was not previously the case, as VirusTotal was reporting a couple of false alarms. But since I notified the company about this a few weeks ago they've been working to fix the problem, and I'm glad to report that it is now fine.









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This is good news for those with older versions of the office suites that don't have PDF built in. Many do have it built in now; if you're unsure of your version try document 'save as' and check if there is a PDF option to save your document. If there's nothing under 'save as', look for an 'export' option.

Please explain me why you would install software to convert Word, Excel and PowerPoint files into PDF files,
if MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint can export their documents in PDF format?

ditto this ^ and ditto this v.

Since free PDF "printer" programs are in abundance, I don't see the point of this. Well, perhaps for doing a batch, but that's about it.