PCs Running the Windows 10 October Update Haven’t Received Critical Fixes


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If you installed Windows 10 version 1809 in the first week after its October 2nd release, you haven't received critical updates.

Microsoft has released cumulative updates that fixed several issues with the October 2018 feature upgrade, but if you checked for updates, downloaded and installed Windows 10 build 1809 in the first week it was released (through October 6th), you're not getting those updates. October 6th is the day Microsoft halted the release.

There isn't a good fix for this at the moment. If you want to get the cumulative updates, you can join the Windows Insider program and install the Slow or Release Preview Ring on your system. If you like to tinker with new builds this is a good route to go. For the rest of of us, the better option is to wait until the October 2018 (build 1809) re-starts delivery. No word from Microsoft yet on when they plan to re-start delivery for this build.

Update: Microsoft resumed delivery of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, get it here or check for updates using your system.

Microsoft says that only a small percentage of users have had issues with the initial release. If you downloaded and installed the upgrade and aren't having problems you should be ok, but aren't receiving the cumulative updates.

Full details:

Millions of PCs Running Windows 10’s October Update Haven’t Received Critical Fixes

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No wonder this 1809 build runs so smoothly, there's no updates to interrupt my work. :-D

There ya go, smooth sailing.  :)