Party Lights, Or Just Fun On Your PC

Here's a fun web site that looks like it might be a playable game.  In truth, there's not really anything to it, but it's still fun.  If you have a microphone on your PC (and if you have a webcam, you probably do), head to in your web browser.  You'll see, as the name suggests, a collection of brightly coloured balls.  You can bounce them around the screen by snapping your fingers, coughing, singing, or anything else you happen to prefer.  As long as it makes a noise, those spheres will bounce.
Not only is it a fun use of technology, there's an added benefit too.  If you happen to have a decent sized TV in your house, with a PC or laptop linked to it, set up this site next time you have a party.  The balls will then dance around in time to the music and the conversation.  Guaranteed to get any slow-moving party started.

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