This Painting App Also Lets You Create Frame-By-Frame Animations


If you've outgrown the Microsoft Paint program that's bundled for free with Windows, but you don't want the complexity or expense of a professional tools such as Photoshop, there are plenty of free programs that will fit the bill.

One that's recently come to my attention is Chasys Draw IES.  It''s an image editor, icon editor, file converter, image viewer, and hugely powerful drawing/painting program, all in a single app.

As you can see from the screen shot below, there's a good collection of brushes, effects, tools and features.  You can even install it as a portable app to a USB stick.

Perhaps the most novel feature is the animation capability.  Create a picture then click the Animation menu to create a frame.  Move something in the picture, then create another frame.  Continue the process to build your movie, then save it as an AVI file.  It's just like traditional stop-frame animation, without the need for cameras or any model-making skills.

Chasys Draw is a 16 MB download for Windows, from and is completey free of charge.  According to VirusTotal and my copy of Avast, it's also free of malware and viruses.




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Ah now this discovery has a comparison, this app is more than Paint but less than PhotoShop. I got criticized early for wanting some type of review, analysis, comparison, in the article. This is the type of comparison I thought the review of a new password manager should have had. It does not have to be extension just a brief comment that tells me where a particular app lies in its particular category of similar apps

Thank goodness for Gizmo's Freeware and you Rob.

I came across mention of Chasys Draw IES too on another site and was wondering about it. Actually, the download is a zipped file that is 16.5MB (i.e. current version 4.02.01 as at 10th January 2013). You then have to click the .exe file to go through the installation. There is also an "easy" .bat installation file, but I didn't try that because I like to have some control of things. In the end, all the files in the programs folder comes up to 39.5MB.

First impression of it is very good based on my very limited knowledge and experience with this type of software.

A quick glance at the help/tutorial files is also impressive. Good use of the English language and very professional (not like some of the poor English we see nowadays).

For those who may be interested, I've posted a short appraisal on Gizmo's forum. You can see it here: