A very deep Pacman-based game with great graphics and sound, responsive controls and exciting levels.


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Deep game with lots of playability, great graphics & sound, exciting and varied levels.
Missing difficulty settings, complicated to start with.

Our Review:

Pacz is inspired from the classic Pac-Mania from 1988 and is actually a very deep Pacman based game, while it is not entirely a clone of the classic Pacman, it has enough charm and features to make every Pacman fan smile.

While the original pacman is simple with limited goals, Pacz offers a lot more for the player to do. Things can look pretty complicated to start with and I advise you to take a good read through the instruction pages to fully understand everything before you play to avoid confusion about what everything is.

Pacz allows you to play fullscreen, and you can also get another version Pacz:Pacmanworlds2 which you can play fullscreen or windowed from the same source for free.


Collect everything you can, special pills that flash will provide fruit. Fruit counts towards your speed boost.
Rotten green pills need going over twice.
When the level is clear you need to collect the red key, this unlocks all the doors.
Each door offers another world (cave, lava, ice, forest)
Get coins for the shop, tokens to unlock things and some other useful powerups to make things easier.

Pacz -
            Pacmanworld 2 GameplayThe Good:

  • Many features and things to do.
  • Great Music on the title/options screen
  • Graphics are really good, crisp and colourful.
  • Interesting options screen where the options are laid out and you move pacman around the options
  • Secret arkanoid game to give you free extra lives is a great idea, but wasn't actually very fun to play.
  • Unlimited Continues, Continuing a game decreases your score.
  • Level structure similar to mario, using multiple exits increases its replay value.
  • Levels are large and interesting with secret passages and tonnes of items to collect.

The Bad:

  • Controls in the menu swap from keys to mouse which is annoying.
  • Ghost cop. Nice idea but once hes out he doesnt go until he catches you.
  • Missing difficulty settings, relieved somewhat with the infinite continues.
  • Never had any Boss Encounters
  • Almost too complicated. MUST read the help screens.


Overall, this game is very good, with great graphics and sound, responsive controls and exciting levels. It offers high replayability due to its level structure and continue mechanism, and with all the collectables available it will take many plays to see everything.

With only a few minor problems such as missing features, inconsistent control input and so many things going on it can be a little too hectic.

Pacz was reviewed by on based on version 1.4.