A retro arcade game with classic and new varieties of mazes


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Classic and modern gameplay, sound effects, plenty of stages, multi-levels, leaderboards
Ads between stages

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Pac-Man is a retro arcade game developed by Bandai Namco Amusement Inc. with original 8-bit arcade action.

The gameplay is straightforward and well known. Swipe the screen to guide the Pac-Man through the maze to eat all pac-dots and fruits along the path while avoiding the four enemies, which are known as Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde.

The enemies can be defeated by Pac-Man when it has eaten a power pellet and turned them into blue or scared mode for a limited time. However, as the stages progress, the enemies spend less time in scared mode and become more difficult to conquer.

This game app has three difficulty levels, i.e. easy, normal and original in a classic maze. You can play the game at your own pace with the levels, or complete daily Pac Missions in limited time or to-do's to earn tokens and unlock new mazes.

The app also offers other varieties of designs such as Relaxed, Challenging and Elite mazes. It has tournaments for you to challenge, receive medals and aim for a higher rank on the leaderboards. To play tournaments, you will need tournament stamina that is refilled in time.

With daily gifts to claim, the game has ads between plays but is free to play with earned tokens or watching an ad.


This Retro Arcade Game Is Challenging and Has Never Grown Old

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Have had a free version of this game on my computer since 2012 and still like to play ads my version, but site has since changed over to one hour trials, then purchase so no longer a free game there. Thanx for the update.