Organise Your Thoughts With An Online Corkboard


Pinup online corkboardSometimes the best way to organise your thoughts and ideas is to stick little pieces of paper on a wall and move them around until everything is in the right order. But it can be messy or clumsy, and you might not always have the necessary materials to hand. Or a big enough area of wall to accommodate everything you want to make a note of.

If you like the concept but you'd prefer something a little more, well, up to date, then check out Pinup at It's a free online web-based version of that wall. Create virtual sticky notes, choose their size and colour, stick them on your wall, and write onto them. Moving notes around is easy, as is changing the size of a note if you end up writing too much.

You can keep your electronic wall private, or make it public, or invite specific people to see or contribute to it. And because it's web-based, it's instantly accessible from whichever computer you happen to be using at the time.

Pinup is free to use, so try it out. Even if you don't intend to use it for long-term project plans, perhaps use it next time you're planning something as simple as a shopping list or the set of tasks you need to do tomorrow.

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my favourite:, it offers more options and personalization. I have been using it for some years now, also with students; it's fun and reliable. It does not run in SysTray though.

I agree with the previous comment...a PC based note view running the SysTray would be my choice.

I would prefer it (or similar program) to be PC based (not browser).
I am a VB6 programmer, and am familiar with making Forms (or the Notes) Topmost, which means always on top (in front) of everything else. I don't recommend that, as it would look like a dog threw up.
However BottomMost appeals to me, but that does not readily exist for the programmer.
What I would like is a a program that runs in your SysTray (Notification area) as an icon.
You click it, and all your Notes appear on the desktop BottomMost.
You click it again, and the Notes disappear.
Perhaps that click to show the Notes, could also minimize all running programs to the Taskbar.

Does anyone know of a program like that ?

Try Stickies on your PC. I've been using this for years. Free of course.