Organise Your Brain With This Online Tool


WorkflowyWorkflowy is a tool that claims to be able to help you organise your brain. In truth it's an outliner application, and a very good one at that. It's easy to use, has loads of features, and is fast. Even better, it runs completely in your browser and saves its data online, so you can access your notes and other stuff from wherever you happen to be. So long as you have internet access of course.

It's claimed that the people behind some billion-dollar businesses started off by planning their product in Workflowy, which is quite a recommendation!

The service costs around $50 a year for a "Pro" account with unlimited space, but you can create 250 items a month for free. Which should be sufficient unless your brain is particularly disorganised, I guess.

Check it out at and see whether it could help you. Once you're set up and logged in, there are some helpful videos that will show you the basics.

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It's a no brainer with very good tutorials and many features to discover!
Just found an Android app for it too! yes!
They also have one for Apple.

Good dig Rob, thanks for sharing! :)

Great Program! Also similar are Chekvist, Dynalist,, & Fetchnotes.