A fun interplanetary space ship simulator obeys the laws of physics.


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Numerous space ships both real and fictional available. Many destinations within the solar system available. Obeys laws of physics.

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Orbiter is a fun interplanetary space ship simulator which obeys the laws of physics. You can launch from nearly anywhere in the solar system and fly to nearly anywhere else.

There are many ships available (both historical and fictional). You select your ship, space port and destination. There is a cockpit with three displays (an open screen view, instrumentation, and a heads up display projected on the forward view port.) The ship can also be viewed externally as if you're in a chase ship. The tutorials explain how to make a successful trip including how to match orbit with the destination. Be careful, you can run out of fuel (or you can cheat with an unlimited fuel supply).

You can make the trip in real time. Fortunately, a time warp shortcut can speed time up by 100,000 if you don't want to wait the three days or so it would take for a Lunar mission or months in the case of a trip to the outer planets.

The best at artificial satellites and better than most at solar system objects. However, interstellar is apparently not supported. Consequently stars and deep space objects are shown but a method of directly locating these is out of scope.

Orbiter was reviewed by on based on version 100830.