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Windows 2000, XP or 2003 Server Edition.

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11 MB


1.1.6 as of 2015-08-05

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Additional software required: Oracle's Java Runtime Engine. The version 1.1.6 user guide is available at: If you are interested in the unsupported version 2 beta then see Update: Beta Installed, but would not run on Windows 10 running the latest version of Java. (Did not allow WorkBench to install the ancient/vulnerable version 1.7u17 of Java, which might be why.)

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32 bit but 64 bit compatible

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Best Free Project Manager


Feature-rich and powerful effort-based so it best suited to groups that estimate total work effort.


Note: Vulnerabilities in Java Runtime are regularly discovered. It also seems that Sun (owner of Java) is losing interest in maintaining Java and Java Runtime. This product is not recommended if security is a concern. Resource-driven (effort-based) rather than task driven (duration-based) like Microsoft Project.

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Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer

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