Open A Microsoft Project File. Without Microsoft Project.


Microsoft Project ViewerOne of the best-known project management programs is Microsoft Project. It's designed to allow project managers to keep track of timescales, tasks, resources, people and so on, and juggle things around when the inevitable problems or delays occur.

If you ever find yourself needing to view a MS Project file (which will have a .mpp extension) but you don't want to buy a copy of Microsoft Project, there are some free viewers available for download. However, it's even easier to use an online viewer as there's nothing to download or install. Plus, if the file turns out to contain malware or some other error, then viewing it remotely via someone else's web server is safer than looking at it on your own computer!

There's a handy free online viewer for MS Project (.mpp) files at Just head to the page, drag your mpp file onto the site, and you can immediately view (but not edit) the project file.

So if someone's working on a project for you and you want to view their plans, but you don't have Microsoft Project to hand, it's not a problem.

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If you want to do more than just view a MS Project file then the opensource program projectlibre is a good program to do so.