Open All Your Favourite Programs Automatically When You Log On


So, it's time to use your PC.  You sit down and turn it on.  Then you spend a couple of minutes getting everything just how you want it.  You open a web browser or 2 maybe, and a word processor.  And perhaps a chat program.  And a weather app.  And then you move the windows around the screen until everything is just right.

And then, when you've finished using the PC, you turn it off or your log out.  Which means that you have to waste a few minutes next time, too, going through precisely the same routine in order to get everything as you like it.

If that sounds familiar, then a program called Launcher Dock is really worth checking out.  It's free, it's a 7 MB download from and it works with all versions of Windows from XP onwards.  It is also malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

When you start up the program, it builds a list of all your open applications.  So it probably makes sense to open all your favourites first.  You can then look down the list of apps that the program found, and change the default launch option from "none" to "on startup".  This will ensure that your chosen program now automatically start with Windows, at the screen position you specify.  

Launcher Dock is a neat idea, that's being poorly marketed.  The name doesn't do a very good job of explaining what the program does.  The web site also suggests that this is ideal for those who use multiple monitors, but I feel that it deserves to have wider appeal.  I'd definitely recommend giving it a try.

One word of note:  There are lots of Download buttons on the website, many of which are adverts for other programs.  To download the program, go to and click on the download link next to the orange arrow.  Avoid the big green buttons.





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I did try this but it was not much use - it does not recognise any 64-bit or portable programs, and even missed one 32-bit installed program despite using refresh/restart, and it appears to only be for desktop use, so no advantage when you want some modern UI apps to start as well.

Not for me I'm afraid.

Not very impressed. Picked up some of my programs but not all - missed Chrome, xplorer2, PDF Xchange viewer, Apache (launched by a CMD prompt), Mysql (ditto)


Good program and good tip, but i use a faster program (Instant File Opener) than Launcher Dock:


Rob, Thanks for this.

FWIW: I see that you don't use Adblock Plus. I do (in Firefox) and I do not get ANY of the advertisement download buttons...

Eikelein, it sure was worth a mint to me. Somehow I have missed Adblock entirely. Wow! What a difference it makes! I have been overwhelmed for a while now with adverts. Gone! This really qualifies as a hot find for me. Thank you for your post.