Offline Google Chrome Apps for Windows Desktop Use


Google has just launched a program of having some of the Google Chrome apps work offline in Windows. They first released a desktop app launcher (link here) in July and have now started providing offline desktop apps in the Chrome Web store.

Chrome app launcherThese new apps are starting to look similar to the familiar standard program. They are still web oriented but they work offline and can store data locally. They interact more fully with your PC's hardware than pure web apps. They can even interact with other programs.

The app launcher adds an icon to the Windows taskbar and lets you open the apps even when you are not on the Internet. An example of an app launcher window is shown in the graphic. The apps can be downloaded individually from the Chrome Web store. There are not all that many available yet but more are being developed. Google Drive, Google Keep, and Feedly are three I have tried.

The apps require the latest stable Chrome browser to run. They are in effect a first step to creating a Chrome operating system on your Windows desktop. More information is at the Google Chrome Blog and at this PCWorld link

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I just loaded the "Gmail Offline" App on my PC (running XP). Seems to work great. Does anyone know if this would take the place of backing up my Gmail emails? If so, where is the folder located so I can include it in my routine external drive backups?

Tks for the info, Vic!

Another great step forward for Chrome apps. Not only can they run offline, these desktop look-alike apps can run outside the Chrome browser, in full screen and with Windows control buttons. You can even pin individual apps to the taskbar. Doesn't it look like more Chrome apps will follow this new trend?