NTP Time Zone Clock


NTP Time Zone Clock

A no-frills clock with all configured times displayed in a single, simple window


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Very small and easy to use, font size changes automatically as you resize the window, NTP time server setting, a fairly comprehensive list of countries and cities is available for selection, and adding a new city is easy, times are displayed in the task bar icon even when the main window is minimized.
Times are always displayed in 24 hour format, no option exists for 12 or 24, and no option exists to turn off display of seconds, transparent mode is rather ugly, not true transparent mode, it simply removes the background color.

Our Review:

NTP Time Zone Clock is a good option for those of us with many applications running simultaneously in a serious work environment, using just 4.5Mb of memory. It is basically a no nonsense, no frills clock with all configured times displayed in a single, simple window which can be loaded up very quickly, minimized or even maximized to fill the whole screen (not that this has much practical use unless you want to stand a long way from your computer and watch the time pass, almost like watching the paint dry!).

NTP Time Zone ClockIt has options to be always on top, transparent, and to show or turn of the window's title bar. The time for each configured city is displayed in the task bar icon, alternating through all times so that even when the window is minimized you can see the time for each city of interest by watching for a few seconds. Unfortunately the transparent mode is not very useful as it is not true transparent mode, but simply makes the background color transparent leaving the window itself looking rather ugly.

All city times have the same font color which can be changed, and the background color can also be changed. The window can be resized and the font used can be customized, but the size seems to be ignored, and automatically modified as needed to make the times fit within the window. City order can be changed using Up and Down buttons while adding or editing the clocks, and new city times are easily added using either a location (country or city) which then automatically sets the time zone, or by using a time zone in terms of hours offset from Zulu / GMT with some hints as to the counties and cities in those time zones.

The displayed name can be changed to anything you want it to be, if the city you want is not listed. A facility is provided for NTP time server configuration.

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