Now There's A Free WhatsApp Desktop Program


WhatsApp desktop programIf you're one of more than a billion people who use the WhatsApp messenger program on your phone, you may be interested to know that there's now a dedicated WhatsApp desktop program for Windows too. So you can use the system on your PC without having to use the web interface.

While the desktop app works fine, it does do things in a rather strange way. Instead of communicating directly with the WhatsApp servers in order to sync your messages, for example, it communicates with your phone. So you need to ensure that WhatsApp is also installed on your phone. And you'll want to avoid using the desktop app unless your phone is connected via Wifi, otherwise you risk using lots more mobile data than you might have imagined.

But if you're at home or the office, and your phone is on wifi most of the time, and you want to try WhatsApp on the desktop, then go to to get the download. It's a 66 MB file, runs on Windows 8 or 10, and is malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.

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The WhatsApp desktop client is basically a Chromium web browser package that displays the online WhatsApp from That's why it's a whopping 60MB+ download.

There's a simpler solution to achieve the same thing.
- In Chrome, open
- Click Menu - More tools - Add to desktop - Open as window - Add

There you go: Whatsapp on your desktop. Including notifications.

Yeah, working only by synchronizing with the phone sucks. I hope they will change it at later versions

I use Whatschrome extentension, which is exactly the same thing. I have a second whatsapp account from another phone (it doesn't have to work) and transfer info easily from the web to the phone by sending it there. Whatever I've typed will be on the same account I'm typing from (as well as the other account) on the phone. This way I can send files, pics, links very easily. But also I can type out long sms on the laptop and then just copy and paste them when they are on the phone.

I completely agree with your comments
I installed web whatsapp in my laptop a few months ago, when using Windows 7.
Now, I have updated to Windows 10 and it keeps working OK.
I love the possibility of reading in a large screen and writing with normal keyboard.