Now In Beta: Firefox Browser That's Twice As Fast


Firefox QuantumThere's a new version of Firefox being launched on 14th November. Currently dubbed "Firefox Quantum", it claims to be twice as fast as the current version and to use 30% less memory than Chrome. 

If you're a Firefox fan and you want to try Quantum now, you can. The beta is free to download and use. Just head to where you'll find a download link for the beta, as well as an option to be notified by email when the final release is ready.

Note that the downloadable installer is only 0.3 MB but it will download additional files when you run it. We've tried it, and it appears to work very well. There are no indications that it contains any malware.



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Much improved speed, but no video sound on websites on my computer, and unable to find a fix

I could not add Lastpass extension on this beta. Will wait until 11.14 and try again. Hopefully, it will work then.

I have stated before how slow Firefox has become. In fact I have not found a recent build of browse that isnt a resource hog

Is Firefox so concerned about the speed of their browser that they are willing to lose customers? I guarantee when my extension no longer function I will drop Firefox in favor of a browser that will support them. I would rather wait a few more minutes for a site to load and have my extensions work. It does me no good to load my email at lightning speed with no Lastpass to open it for me.

To quite a few of us FF's power has been in addons. Speed is not that relevant. For that I have other browsers, if needed. What I see happening here, is a an iceberg ahead, which will sink the whole usability of FF.

E.g. from my addons only few already updated to WebExtensions, and there are many, that will never be updated.

I have done everything to prevent FF from automatically updating anymore. Let's see some time after Quantum release the situation of addons, but I'm pretty sure 56 will be the last FF version I use.

Thank you Rob. I have stated before how slow internet browsers have become

I expect more than 90% of my favorite add-ons to disappear, so big whoop.

Is it still Chrome-based?

'Cos that's a deal-breaker.

I recently switched to Pale Moon because Firefox is Chrome-based and my old standby Opera 12 stopped working on a lot of sites...

Firefox was never Chrome-based.

Noticeably faster it feels like 3x.

Unfortunately "LastPass" doesn't work with this version, which is essential for me as I use LP's "FormFill" feature several times a day.

Yes the speed improvement is significant, but I could not get any sound on websites using the beta in or out of a sandbox, so I reverted back to version 56.0 with no difficulties.
Win 7 Ultimate
Sandboxie 5.212

Didn't even try it because after I installed it all of my custom menus were screwed up and only about 3 of the add-ons I use were compatible. Classic Theme Restorer & Tab Mix Plus being two of them that I can't go without.

Page speed rendering is impressive.
Unfortunately, 95% of my favorite extensions are no longer compatible.
Sounds like another Maxthon Nitro bis experiment in the works.
With extension devs unlikely to update their legacy addons, it'll probably be another 10 light years before we can find some decent extensions.

The increase in speed does seem impressive and I see no problems in page rendering.

Unfortunately, my most important Firefox extension - fast dial - isn't compatible with this beta version. I hope that this will be resolved by the time this beta becomes the release version in November.

Well on my elderly machine lot slower than chrome and doesn't render as well

The improvement of Firefox (version 57.0b4) in speed is impressive!