An effective way to store all your notes without cluttering up your desk


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Lightweight and portable, auto backup and time-stamping, works great to clip text from webpages, set note subjects and reminders, export notes.
Keep pure text but not images, hot-key doesn't work on some browsers such as Chrome.

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NotesHolder (free version) holds your notes together in one place in quite a similar way that CintaNotes does.

You can create notes by double clicking the top panel and type out or paste a note copied from anywhere with text but not images. You can add a subject to a note, or set a reminder for it. Printing notes is available by selecting and right-clicking the notes, while exporting notes into a plain text file is also supported.

The main window can be either set on top of other opened windows, or docked to the side on your desktop ready to pop up whenever your mouse moves over the right edge of your screen.

Clipping of text works by selecting text and pressing the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Q, and the selected text will be automatically saved to NotesHolder. The hotkey worked for me on Firefox and Internet Explorer but not on the Chrome browser when I tried it.

This program can be installed in a portable mode.

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