A portable and powerful file manager written using .NET technology with a simplified and clean user interface.


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Pros & Cons:

Clean interface, Powerful search function, Workspace support, Extensive toolbar customization, Packer with encryption support.
Probably not in development anymore, No multi-rename or history support.

Our Review:

Nomad.Net by Eugene Sichkar is the successor to Nomad and this time completely re-written in .Net programming language. This file manager has a simplified and clean user interface.

The tabs, unlike other managers, are not panel based and hence provides ample space. You may use tree view like Windows explorer, and the layouts can be customized for future use. The breadcrumb folder toolstrip lets you view a wealth of information.

The file manager gives importance to multi-threading, so lengthy file operations can make good use of multi-core CPU’s. The file manager also houses a powerful search engine with complex search rules as well as a strong filtering system.

A unique feature is the ability to customize individual folders view and options and make it to remember them. You may also lock the folders to prevent changing it. Nomad.Net not only allows you to bookmark your favourite folders, but even your FTP sites and searches. The program has a wipe function and allows to clean free spaces.

Nomad has extensive toolbar customization capabilities along with keyboard mapping support for almost every function. Although the file manager allows full internal support for a long list of archive types, it also supports WCX plugins to view, create and edit archives.


InterfaceRating 10 of 10

FeaturesRating 8 of 10

CustomizationRating 8 of 10

Nomad.NET was reviewed by on based on version 3.05b.