Ninja Download Manager


Ninja Download Manager

Download manager with a dark theme that has the best & most compact UI


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License: Free, $3.00 for Secure VPN
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Download Manager

Pros & Cons:

Intuitive interface, Multiple queues management, Refresh links support, Sites manager, Colorful Log viewer, Sequential downloading media to preview audio & video downloads, File shredder, Attractive float window, Clipboard monitoring
No export/import downloads, Parsing media downloads is slow & needs to support more sites

Our Review:

Very few software can charm you with their looks but Ninja Download Manager is one of them. With an extensive feature list to add upon that, you have a great alternative here. 

Installation: Ninja Download Manager has a clean installer with no adware. Just accept the license agreement, choose installation folder, shortcuts, desktop icon and it's finished. A welcome screen pops up, showing release notes, and how to integrate with IE, Opera, Chrome and Firefox browsers by downloading the extensions. Un-installation went fine although I had to manually remove the extensions.

Interface: Ninja has a modern, compact and trendy interface. There are also different skins available to customize the look. You can add, edit and access various download queues from the bottom. The download sessions: all, finished and pending ones are neatly arranged across tabs. Hovering your mouse on the start and stop buttons gives you an innovative way to start and stop downloads across various queues. The settings, site logins, media downloader all float into view from the right when accessed, keeping the interface components compact and clean. Download speed indicator is also shown on the interface & an external Floating window is also available to track download tasks.

Features: For a relatively new software product, Ninja is packed with a lot of features. Like EagleGet & XDM, Download Ninja is the only other download manager that supports multi-queue management with the option to refresh expired links.  It also offers a Secure VPN feature to encrypt your downloads, but this comes at a cost of $3.00 for VPN. Since it uses sequential writing technique, you can preview incomplete audio and video files while downloading. Moreover the media file can be converted to different formats after download. Speed limiter is available for every download queue which is unique, and even on each download task, so you can still save bandwidth to browse while downloading. A powerful shredder is built-in which will completely remove all traces and meta-data of downloaded files when necessary. Sites Manager lets you keep track of website logins. Additionally it also supports Virus Scanning and Ignore lists for sites & file extensions. 

Usability: Its media downloader is independent of the browser, and while it has certain advantages, it does take a lot of time to scan the media files on webpages and doesn't detect media on many sites. Rather than the usual Ctrl/Alt key press to force/skip download intercepts it provides options for other key combinations too. It doesn't provide download categories by default, but you can add various categories manually. Also I couldn't find how to export/import downloads and settings. But overall Ninja is still a top notch download manager.

Support/Updates: Ninja is the fastest growing download manager. It's releasing updates frequently and the developer heeds to most user requests and feedback. Currently watching the development stage gives me every reason to be happy. You may post your ideas or feedback to the developer here and the forum uses a voting technique to see the most popular ideas. Quite creative! 

Ninja download manager is a really great alternative to EagleGet & Xtreme Download Manager. With it's charming looks it's sure to please a crowd looking for an alternative download manager. 

Ninja Download Manager was reviewed by on based on version 0.19.