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This may be almost the answer for a problem we have discussed here many times. The problem is that many of us work on different computers and mobiles, and we need to write notes and update our TODO lists. For example, today at work, I worked on my computer; I went to lunch and at the diner, I remembered something I had to do at home. Then when I get home, I have two computers I use, one for playing my multimedia and one I use in my home office. Throughout the day, I need to update my notes of what has to be done.

Stickies are great, but most really only work well on one computer.

If this is a problem you face, then have a try of Nimbus Note. You can have one account that is in sync with a range of devices, Windows PC, Andriod and IOS mobiles. It can handle notes, audio messages, photos and movies.

Its TODO list has time-based and location-based reminders.

Overall, it looks good and going by the blog is fast being developed.

It is available here.

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In all fairness, Nimbus ia not bad, but it just needs lots of improvement, and sending suggestions to the developer does not usually help much.

Another example is the simple fact that it cannot search and find key words within the entire collection of notes, at one time. In other words, if you have 75 notes stored, each one has a title, and you can only search the titles for a key word, or else open any one note individually and search within that one note, but not across the text of all your notes combined globally. Consequently, if you cannot remember whuch note contains that key word, and ut is nowhere in the titles, you will have to open each of the 75 notes individually and aearch one by one.

On the other hand, ColorNote will let you search all the notes at once, display the note containing the word searched for, and even highlight the word for you, once opened . Of course, ColorNote has provlems of its own, but it can handle simple searching, while Nimbus cannot.

As for the PCversion, it does not work unless you are online, registered, and connected, so so much for your privacy.

As for the Android app version:

This is a very slow app, not good for fast note-taking. Slow start-up, for
example, with a splash screen, and lots of clicking around required to do
any simple thing.

If you want to EDIT an existing note,
for example, you have to select the note from a list, first, then you have to open the
note in some kind of unnecessary "read" mode (as if you would not otherwise
be able to read it later, while editing it), then you have to select the "edit" mode
as such, from an icon in the tool bar, then you have to select the paragraph in
question, and then you can finally begin to edit the existing note. Whew! Is that not complicated, just to make a quick addition to an existing note?

Then—get this—when you close
the note using the "back" button, it is still will not completely close
yet, because it goes back into that 'read' mode again (as if you needed to
take another overall look at it before closing it), and then
you have to click back, yet again, to really close the document completely.

I think the word "Nimbus" must come originally from a Greek word that means "lots
of work just to accomplish a small task." If so, I think this app was named

For a faster app, we should try rather "ColorNote," or "WriterPlus," which goes
directly into edit mode whenever any note is selected. "Keep my Notes" is
also very good, with darker themes than Nimbus, but the same formatting
options. By the way, Nimbus has a light theme and a medium-gray theme, but no
dark theme as such.

If Nimbus sync'ed with Google Tasks which I can see in Thunderbird on my PC, it would be perfect. At the moment I'm using GTasks which does, but I believe it is Android-only.

xbmcnut asked about google keep. I used to use it, now compared to Nimbus or the others that people are talking about here; Google Keep is easy to use but has extremely limited features. This would be fine for people who require only a few simple notes. For those that need extra features, you will need to look at something else.

I am using free "Todoist" which is cross platform. It works well on Win 8.1 and android devices.
I'll have a look at Nimbus Note. Todoist is a bit bare and limited.

Hi all,
I use pushbullet:

Just thought id throw in my own thoughts.

I use Wunderlist to sync my notes, todo list, and lots of other things. It's free, and cross-platform: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPdad, Windows Phone, Chromebook.

I use the free version of Evernote (, on windows and android, it has worked on every platform I have tried it on, and if you find you cannot get an app working, or there isn't one available for your platform you can still access all your notes via a web page (providing you are connected to the internet)

If you prefer Evernote checkout OneNote.

The Android app version doesn't work because when it asks for my email address and password, it returns an error message of "Registration failed", even though my email and password are the same as I use on my various PCs and laptops (and other Android apps).

This app may work well on a stand-alone basis, but it surely won't "sync across platforms and devices" if I can't get it registered on my Android.

Uninstalling it now.

Have you tried to take it up with their support, I run it on Android and it works fine.