A powerful font manager with an extensive range of font and file attributes


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License: Free
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Font preview and categories on the main screen; displays full file properties; view and sort on many attributes; access any font while it is running; many languages.
Not enough fonts visible at one time in the preview list.

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I was pleasantly surprised at NexusFont from Xiles (Noh JungHoon). This is an application that is actively maintained and has a relatively simple interface so it is a great option for the future.

It is a powerful font manager with an extensive range of font and file attributes that can be viewed and sorted by. Unlike most other programs, NexusFont mainly works from the main window instead of having many different windows or panes.

While NexusFont is running, I can access all the fonts including those that are not installed. NexusFont allows me to work with fonts in folders anywhere.

There are two ways to organise fonts: groups of folders and sets of fonts. For example: with a "Blurry" set I can collect all blurred fonts; with a "Monotype Corp." group I could pull together all fonts from that publisher. All the font files remain in their original folders and can be included in many sets and groups.

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Does Nexus have a temporary install feature? If so, where is this option in the software? I've run Nexus in the past but could never find this option. It's a must-have for me. Thanks!

When NexusFont is running all fonts are available to applications. So you don't have to temporarily load and unload them yourself because NexusFont does this automatically.

See the NexusFont help page under the Basic heading:

You can see installed fonts or fonts(not installed) in folders in NexusFont.

Fonts can be managed by folders and sets. And folders are managed by groups.

If you want to see fonts in a folder, add a group first and add folders contain fonts to a group.
Then select a group or a folder in a library pane. If you select a group, all fonts in folders of a group will be listed.

* When you see fonts in NexusFont, even though fonts are not installed, those fonts are available in all other programs.
If you close NexusFont, all fonts not installed are not available anymore in all other programs.