New Website? New Kitchen? Need A Colour Scheme?


Whether you're working on a new web site or a new business card, or you're choosing your new kitchen or your new office, sometime or other you're going to need a colour scheme.  A set of colours which work well together.  Needless to say, the internet is full of free sites which claim to be able to produce a suitable collection of colour suggestions based on your initial choice, and I've been trying out a few of them recently.

One of my favourites turned out to be the Colour Scheme Generator at

It's free to use, and very simple too.  Choose a base colour and the colours in your chosen scheme will be displayed, along with their hex numbers for easy reference in just about any Windows program that allows entry of colour codes.  You also have 13 different modes to choose from, each of which will produce a set of colours which complement your base colour in a different way.  Try all of them and see which you prefer.




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Cool. Have you seen Paletton? Is it similar enough to be included? (

Thanks Rob,
Even though I am an 'arteest' (musician) I seem to have very little (if any) "Artistic Ability"
when it comes to something as simple as picking colors that work together, except for black and white.

michael clyde