A New Way to Read and Take Notes on the iPad


LiquidText iconLiquidTextWhen you're reading a document and need to jot down some key points or make some comments, here's a perfect app LiquidText that makes this task absolutely more efficient and organised than any other traditional ways.

Forget about pen and pencil, as LiquidText lets your fingertips do the work on a document, either a web page, Word, Powerpoint or PDF file.

Helpfully the app puts your document on the left of the screen while leaves a work area on the right. You can annotate or add comments to a document as you would with a capable PDF reader, but you can also generate excerpts of the document—just highlight some words in a document and drag them to the work area, and the app automatically keeps their links.

In addition to excerpts, you can add new notes easily as well—tap and hold the work area to insert as many text boxes as you need.

All comments, excerpts and text boxes are not fixed in their positions. They can be moved around or grouped together just like liquid; that’s probably how this app is named. Furthermore, the ability to pinch and shrink down a document for you to compare sections of a document together in one screen is another powerful feature in this innovative app.

Apart from saving and sharing a LiquidText file, you can email or send to a cloud service a copy of an annotated document as a PDF file, or all your notes as a rich text format file.

This free app, designed for work ideally on a big-screen tablet, is available for the iPad only as of this writing. Whether you own an iPad or not, it might be of interest to watch this official video clip and get to know how a modern app can help in this digital age.





For iPad
Download: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/liquidtext-pdf-document-reader/id922765270?mt=8


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Besides not being available for Android or Windows tablets, the inability to take handwritten notes goes against all the research that indicates that learning is better enabled than with typing notes. But, cool none the less. Thanks.