A New Release Of My Favourite FTP-Enabled Editor


PSPad has long since been one of my favourite text and code editing programs.  It's a very good text editor, with features such as line numbering, multi-language support, a spelling checker, file comparison, and more.  It's also code syntax aware, so if you use it to edit programs such as HTML files or PHP scripts it will colour-code your lines correctly in order to help you spot errors.  

Best of all, PSPad has an integtated FTP client, so you can load a file, edit it, then save it back, directly to a web server.  If you're writing or debugging web pages, PHP scripts, CSS files and so on, this is a hugely useful feature, and one which has saved me hundreds of hours during the years I've been using the program.

After a wait of almost 2 years, PSPad has recently been updated.  So if you don't have the latest version, now is the time to get it.  And if you've never used PSPad before, I'd definitely recommend that you try it out.

The program is at www.pspad.com and it's available as an installed or portable version for Windows XP and above.  It's a 6 MB download.  I checked both downloads and they are malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust.  PSPad is free.  However, be aware that the installer will offer to install an optional toolbar or some other utility on your computer.  If you don't want it, you have the option to decline.  Just read the installation screens carefully.




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During the install using the RAR file, this app tried to install Conduit.

We indicate the bundled installer plainly in the article text. MC - Site Manager.

PSPad has a major shortcoming in that it does not have a true column edit mode - this is a limitation of the edit control that is used

although i like PSPad for it simplicity and UI layout, it has not been the most stable editor in my experience, nor has RJ TextEd

for me, i'll stick with Notepad++ which uses the very capable and stable Scintilla edit control

also, most any capable code editor has an FTP client, whether it be native or through an extension

RJ TextEd has integrated FTP as well. I moved to this editor years ago when it surpassed PSPad in terms of features (tho' I don't know how it compares today.) Powerful, customizable, frequent updates for bug fixes (few, if any, these days) & enhancements, no bundling of unwanted junk.

Unfortunately, RJ TextEd triggers the VirusTotal scanners so I am not able to recommend it.

Sorry, my other comment was not added as a reply. But please let me know what you scanned that flagged RJ as problematic & I'll notify the author.