New Google blog "The Keyword" is a central source for Google news and stories


Google logoGoogle has a new blog that merges many of its most popular blogs, news, and tweets in one central location.
The new blog, called The Keyword, brings 30+ product blogs, news, tweets and updates to one accessible location. Blogs for Google's main products are here such as Google Search, Android, Chrome, Gmail, Photos, YouTube, Maps, Translate, Drive, Calendar, Docs, and Google Play as well as other popular Google products like Inbox, Google Earth, Google+ and more. In addition to blogs there's a section called Topics devoted to categories, like Arts and Culture, Doodles, Inside Google, Travel, Sports, Energy and Environment, Journalism, Public Policy, and more.

Other useful Google blogs are still at their same sites:

If you enjoy keeping up with various news about Google and its products, this a good place to keep an eye on what's happening and what's new.

The Keyword: Your Central Source for New and Stories about Google

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Thank you. :)

Good rundown on what is available from Google