New Email Program Adds Built In Notes, Reminders, To-Do Lists, Tables, & More


Twobird email

This new email app consolidates your Inbox and brings notes, reminders, to-do lists, and email in one place with an uncluttered interface.

Twobird is a cross platform all-in-one email app that runs on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and web app. Keep your email, notes, reminders, to-do lists inside an email and in sync across all your devices. Twobird currently supports Gmail and G Suite accounts with support for additional email services planned.

Twobird has a streamlined interface that brings several useful functions to one app. Check email, set reminders, add notes, tables, tasks and comments all directly in an email. It does well with group and collaborative email without the email send-reply, send-reply loop.
Some other features include:
• Ability to pin notes and lists
• View threaded conversations with less clutter (Twobird cuts out repeated signatures and complex formatting).
• Easy unsubscribe
• Read in Dark or Light mode
• Tidy up feature for clearing the Inbox (Tidy Up will archive threads that pile up and send you a summary of archived email)
• Support for multiple accounts

Twobird is created by Ginger Labs, the makers of Notability. If you use Gmail or G Suite, its cross platform availability and clear interface make it an attractive option. It doesn’t do everything Gmail and G Suite does, but it handles most every day tasks and adds some useful tools not normally found in email apps. The different platforms have some features that work on certain platforms, for example the Windows desktop version has keyboard shortcuts

Depending on what browser and any add-ons or extensions you use, you may have trouble with some features. In Firefox, the notes box didn’t appear for me but worked fine in other browsers. Something to keep in mind if something seems like it’s not working. It's a new program and has recently exited beta so issues may crop up from time to time.

Twobird will ask to see and download Google contacts during installation as well as viewing and editing events on calendars. Google will share your name, language and profile picture with Twobird.

Twobird is free, and does not collect personal information. They plan to keep it that way for consumers, eventually adding premium paid tiers for larger teams down the line.

Twobird is a refreshing change from the clutter of Gmail and has some tools not found in other email programs or services. If you’re looking for something to sync across devices that includes a browser app and a clear interface, give it a try.

Download Twobird:
Download for Windows (free of malware according to VirusTotal)
Download for Mac
Twobird - Google Play Store
Twobird - App Store

via Product Hunt

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