Never Forget A Grocery Item


Out of Milk iconOut of MilkTo remember what things need to be done and jot them down on a piece of paper is common to all without a computer or a mobile device. To get an app and keep a to-do list on a smartphone is likely more handy and efficient in modern days.

But if your purpose is to keep a shopping list for things to buy, a generic to-do app like Remember The Milk may not serve you very well. Thankfully we have apps designed to meet this specific need and one of such apps is Out of Milk.

Besides general tasks, this app helps you manage your pantry lists, either essentials or even some items in a spice rack, detailing the stock level, unit price and category of each item.

When an item in the pantry is consumed, you can easily move it to a shopping list. Or if you have a new item to add to the shopping list, just create an item by typing, voice recognition, scanning a barcode or input from history. Everything is well thought out for your convenience.

While shopping, long-tap an item that you’ve put in your cart, and this app crosses out that item from the shopping list, while showing the remaining items to buy and their grand total and running total amounts to pay, with or without tax.

When you’ve done shopping, tap an action to move all items from the cart back to your pantry list, like what you would do with the items in actual life.

With this smart app, you can also sync and share your shopping lists with others in real time, or access your lists online from its web platform at

Never forget a grocery item. It’s a free and handy app worth trying out and definitely a remarkable app that helps improve your shopping experience.


Out of Milk

For Android
Size: 17.5 MB (varies with device)

For iPhone
Size: 19.1 MB


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