A helpful network monitor in your taskbar


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License: Free
Website: SoftPerfect Home
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Download-Upload Meter

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Great configurability, lots of features
Total traffic graph can't be disabled, Trace Route and Ping dialog can't be resized


Actively developed and improved, this little taskbar monitor shows your download and upload traffic. Networx offers a lot of settings to tailor it to your needs. Up to version 5.5.5 the product is absolutley free. Newer versions are commercial now (since Dec 2016).

Our Review:

Note: The newest Networx release 6.0 has turned commercial. The last free version 5.5.5 will be available for download for a limited time here:

After revisiting this software area again I finally decided to make NetWorx my Gizmo's Best pick. The main reason is that Networx is very actively developed and improved over the last years while NetMeter's development did not exceed a Beta release dated August 2009.

Even though I still don't like the fact in NetWorx that you can't switch off the "All traffic" value in the graph, I am very fond of the system tray icon hat you configure to display a graph of your network traffic in real tme. The full blown graph displays Net-In and Net-Out but also (and always) the total traffic (called Data both). The latter is usually overlaying the Net-Out.

Other than that NetWorx has so many useful features besides the graph that is more than just a network metering tool. There is the Speed Graph that shows the current network in/out speed, devided by Average, Maximum and Total. The usage statistics adds valuable information about your network usage (daily, weekly, monthly, custom). The Trace Route and Ping dialog add two more very helpful tools. A pity that you can't resize those windows.

Then there is the Netstat window. A great display of all TCP/IP connections you have currently open, whether active or listening or in wait. Of course you can filter or even resolve the names to addresses. The Settings dialog offers the most important settings for the graph and display and also provides the possibility to get notified when certain thrshholds are reached. A great tool, worth a try!

NetWorx was reviewed by on based on version 5.5.5.