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License: Free
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Many features, great GUI for big screen monitoring
Window cannot be resized

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NetSurveyor pushed Xirrus from the Top Pick position. Xirrus was not updated in ages, that pays its tolls. The layout is simple but very effective. A network list on top and graphical representations at the bottom. Also, when selecing a network in the list, the corresponding lines in the graphs are thickened to display the correlation. When NetSurveyor starts it takes about 10 seconds of scanning until the first result is presented. Continuous rescanning makes sure the list and diagrams are updated constantly. NetSurveyor offers six different diagrams concentrating on any focus you want (signal strength, channel usage, etc.).

NetSurveyor works in 32Bit environments only. Even though it offers more graphical representations I must say that the GUI implementation has room for improvement. I found it very annoying that the application is set to fullscreen mode only. I also could not see any column labels in the top list. The screenshots on the home page show the labels so I assume it is a matter of how the GUI API is used. The setup suggests a restart, however, I could not find a service or logon programm that was added. But at least I found that suspicious.

NetSurveyor was reviewed by on based on version 2.0.9686.0.