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Neo's SafeKeys

A security OSK implements a barrage of stealth techniques for defeating spyware


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10/10 for security.

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Neo's SafeKeys is a security-focused OSK that implements a barrage of stealth techniques for defeating spyware when entering passwords to applications and web browsers. Protection begins with the interface window itself being always set to at least 1% transparency, which defeats most screen loggers. Moreover, the position and precise dimensions of the SafeKeys window are set to vary randomly upon each new launch, to help thwart mouse position loggers.

SafeKeys offers excellent security. It protects against keyloggers, clipboard loggers and mouse position loggers. It provides protection from screen loggers with the hover entry and hidden mouse features, as well as, defeating the common mechanisms that screen loggers use to take screenshots. Screen loggers that take pictures on mouse clicks will be defeated as the user doesn't click, and screen loggers that take shots at regular intervals won't know if you're passing over a key or whether you're registering a key press.

The password field is protected and I am yet to find any malware that can defeat the drag-drop mechanism. For those applications and browsers (eg Opera) that are not drag-and-drop enabled, SafeKeys can be set to use its direct data 'injection' scheme instead. The latter was newly devised in 2010. In either case, the confidential text is applied by the user dragging it and dropping onto the target entry field.

Neo's SafeKeys v3 Security Overview

  • Keylogger protection: Great - Keyboard not used
  • Clipboard logger protection: Great - Clipboard not used
  • Screen logger protection: Great - Thwarts common capture methods
  • Password field protection: Great - fully protected
  • Overall Security score: Rating 10 of 10

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