A general purpose multi-level note taking program


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License: Free
Website: NeoMem
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Outliner

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General purpose note taking program, allows to organize, store, hyperlink and search information.
Not really a dedicated outliner.

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As an alternative to KeyNote NF, you might want to consider NeoMem. It's not really a dedicated outliner but is rather more of a general purpose note taking program that can be used as an outliner.

It's a kind of hybrid of a database and word processor that is designed to allow you to organize, store, hyperlink and search information.

The bland description totally under-sells the product. It is one of those programs that you really need to use in order to understand its full potential. It works with all Windows versions so try it.

Get this tool from the link above, unzip and run it as a useful portable application.

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