Need A Simple Cloud-Hosted Database App? This One's Free


So you've got a few hundred CDs, or a few thousand books, or a collection of something else.  And you feel that it's about time you catalogued everything into a database.  But you don't have a database app on your PC.  And even if you did, it would only be accessible to you, and you'd quite like it to be hosted online so that family and friends could log in and search the information.

Sound familiar?  If so, then what you need is a cloud-based database app.  Zoho Creator is probably the best-known, but it's complicated to use and, unless you want to pay, you're pretty limited in the amount of data you can store.

Another option is a relatively new site called Grubba.  You can get to it at  Once you've signed up, and verified your email address, you're ready to start creating data entry forms such as the one below, and then typing in your information.  Once the data is in the system, you can view, search, and generally manage it.

There's a CSV import/export feature, so backing up your information is easy.  And if you don't want to create the form template from scratch, then there are loads of ready-made ones too.  

As a free user, you can create up to 5 forms and store 10,000 records.



My thanks to user "isis" for recommending this.



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I need a db that can store either jpg or pdf files attached to one of the fields. Will this DB work?