Need A New File Explorer? Try This One, It's Free.


Multi Commander file managerHere's a great alternative to the standard Windows file explorer. It features twin panes, so you can easily move and copy files between 2 locations. There are lots of other useful features too, such as the way it automatically highlights files that were created or modified today (as shown by the green bar in the screen shot below).

The program is called Multi Commander and is where you'll find it. The most recent version, updated a couple of weeks ago, is a 9 MB download that's malware-free according to VirusTotal and Web of Trust. I used the portable version rather than the installable one, as you simply need to download and unzip the file in order to try it.




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My main PC is XP Pro
I have others with W7 Pro (now upgraded to W10, with ability to go back to W7 if needed)
Two banes of my life are to do with file transfers between the PC's, as MS appear to have gone out of their way to make networking a pain (especially peeping across network to XP PC)
All of the File Managers I have tried are disappointing in that regard.
Also my router allows a thumb drive to be inserted, and once again the File Managers tested are disappointing (can't see it, or stutter and slow my XP PC)

I just tried 'EF Commander Free'
WOW, it is light, speedy, and passed both tests with ease (in my XP).
I then installed it into W10 Pro (32bit), and it is the fastest. lightest, I have seen on those same tasks

PS I (unlike all of you), am not a fan of split panes, but 'EF Commander Free' is going to be on all of my PCs
PPS Like 'dsteele1' my main workhorse for normal file managing will still be XYPlorerFree

Tried this multicommander but when simply dragging & dropping with the mouse from one window to the other an annoying confirmation dialog box pops up requiring a response. Can this confirmation box be eliminated? Doesn't seem like it far as I can tell.

Agree with Q-Dir users for years of use. Yes does have a very few limits that could stand improving (make search box more intuitive).
Haven't worked with image files in it much but for general use it's a real winner. Guy updates it a lot.

Q-DIR rules the planet
Optionally Portable
CAN replace Windows explorer if you want
Install it as portable and check out the 4 window spread and multiple tabs in each window Save the one for all your graphics, make another for your music etc etc
It rules the planet :))

One big missing feature from Q-DIR is the shortcut key for managing files (F5 = copy, F6 = move, F7= make directory, and F8 = delete) which any orthodox file manager use. If you managing a lot files, this shortcut key combo (plus Tab to switch between panel) much faster than Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. Well, maybe Q-DIR is not an orthodox file manager :)

I suggest you to try Q-Dir (

I like XYplorer Free Version much better

In W10, does anyone know how to get Windows Explorer to run ?
I upgraded a friends W7 Pro to W10 Pro, and he had a left over shortcut, that still can run Windows Explorer (with menus and no flippin Ribbon)
I have returned his laptop and upgraded my W7 Pro PC to W10 Pro, but cannot find Windows Explorer

Sorry, I should have been clearer.
I meant I dislike W10's File Explorer, and I believe that it is possible to get the previous Windows Explorer to run (if one did the free upgrade of W7 to W10)
PS I dislike all the clutter on the left of File Explorer.
Also it is near impossible to find how to run File Explorer as Administrator

There's probably another way, but I've gotten used to pressing Win+E on the keyboard.

I do that too - and keep it pinned to the taskbar so I can access a mess of pinned destinations so I can go directly to (say) dropbox. Windows 10 is a lot better and NOT deleting the jump lists although I keep them backed up anyway

Anybody see any advantage over FreeCommander which I've been using for years? Looks like TMI for my needs.

I've been using Multi Commander for the past few days and I don't like it. There was a lot of set-up with MC to turn off annoyances and change keyboard shortcuts. The file search is horrifically slow. Ran a content search on 8,000 XML files for a phrase than didn't appear in any of them (a worst case for searches). MC took 1.5 minutes; FC took 15 seconds. MC also has more tools than I will ever need. Most of the tools are useful but not tools you expect a file explorer to have.

Also, points deducted for having a tab-to-space tool but not a space-to-tab tool.

I think I like CLOVER better.