Need To Make A PDF File Smaller? Look No Further


As you might expect from the name, the website at really does only one thing, though it does it very well.  It makes a PDF file smaller.  

This can be useful if, say, you have a large PDF file that you need to email to someone, or perhaps you have a large collection of files which you don't want to get rid of but which is taking up a lot of space on your hard disk.  I have a few dozen books in PDF format which I regularly refer to, for example, so it's handy to be able to reduce the size of the collection without any noticeable loss of quality.

In a typical test that I undertook, the system managed to reduce the size of my PDF file from 7.9 MB to 3.9 MB, which is a reduction of more than 50%.

The system is entirely web-based, so there's nothing to install.  Just visit and drag a file from your desktop to the browser.  Once the file is uploaded, it'll be converted straight away, and you can then download the new version.  




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I teach at a community college, and I post PDF copies of my PowerPoints for students to download by "printing" them to PDF files using PrimoPDF by Nitro PDF Software. I tried shrinking one of the PDF files I posted on-line. Here is the result:

Size of original PDF file -- 27,479,104 bytes
Size of the "smaller" file - 27,458,422 bytes

SmallPDF didn't do much for me.

I gave it one of my church's monthly newsletters. The original size was 582k and the finished file size was 582k. No change! I had created the original PDF using "PDF Creator" from pdfforge ( Installing PDF Creator on your PC give you a "PDFCreator" printer. Anything you can send to a printer can become a PDF file. It's freeware so you can't beat the price. According to smallpdf, it does a pretty good job - compression not needed! I've been using it for years and it's in my "Must Have" download folder.


One of the best tips ever!

After reading recent comments, I decided to try again this service in the cloud.

These are my results:

- I uploaded a pdf file of 4107 kB
- TOTAL time from beginning of upload to finish of saving new pdf was 55 seconds.
- Final pdf size was 377 kB!
- I carefully checked both versions: They were identical! Same colors, same formatting, same graphics.

I do not know how that compression is made, but these are actual results.

Using Windows 7 and Chrome.

Thanks again Rob!


After copy-paste, webpage said "Uploading 0%" and Firefox said "Waiting for..." for over 10 minutes before I gave up... If this page works for you, great. Just don't be in any hurry!

It's not unusual for websites that are featured here at Gizmo's take a pretty big hit in traffic. It slows things down. If you try later or the next day things are much faster. :)

The crucial piece of data missing from here is: *what*, exactly, does this service *do* ? Sure, you could make a PDF file smaller if you cut out embedded fonts, removed the graphics, eliminated the ability to copy-paste text, and so on, but what if you actually _need_ those things?

Does it just reduce the document's DPI?

It says on the page you see while it's compressing that it will:

"Reduce your scanned PDF files to 144dpi which is perfect for uploading files to the web and through email."

Nice service

Worked super good but it removed all of the graphics in the PDF.

WOW! I tested a 10+ mB file and it reduced it to 2.9 mB. Took the same original document and, using the "Reduce File Size" in Adobe Acrobat 8.0 - it only reduced it to 7.6 mB. This will be a great tool as all my pdf documents are purposed online for easy client downloading.

Thanks for the find!

Thanks Rob
I do agree with David Roper, and prefer local/downloadable utilities which will last in the present freeware form forever

I would swap five website/cloud services for one good downloadable permanent application

The best applications dont require an internet connection to function, and lets face it, PDF conversion shouldnt really require the internet

Also, in one years time I estimate at least half of these web based services are either converted to paid services (ie not free), or else no longer available

VirusTotal is a notable exception, but by its nature needs to work from the cloud anyway

Really, a very useful tool in the cloud.

Thanks, Rob.


A pity that it is not something that could be used in a batch file. Web based is nice, but using it locally is better in this case. Of course IMHO.