Need Graph, Music Or Lined Paper? Generate And Print Your Own.


Online graph and music paperThe other day, I needed some lined paper for writing some notes. Not having any to hand, I decided to check online to see if I could find some to download and print. During my search, I came across a handy site at which can generate about 50 different types of ruled paper, ready for you to download as a PDF file and print.

Note that these files aren't ready-made PDFs. They are generated automatically by the site, after you've chosen various options. So you can pick your preferred line spacing, margin sizes, the colour of the ruling lines, and so on. Then, once you've download the PDF file, it's yours to keep for whenever you need to print more paper.

The site is free to use. You'll also note that there is a collection of free music on there to download too. I'm currently evaluating this, so watch out in this column soon to learn my verdict. But for now, enjoy the free template papers.

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Actually.....folks might want to look at this free site: It is just what it says. Printable Paper of every type you can imagine and a bunch you never thought of!