Need Bitdefender firwall Configuration for Bitcomet

Hello everybody, i'm now currently using  Bitcomet 1.06  and need to know best firewall setting tat does not affect my downloading speed... i'm currently using Bitdefender as my Firewall  and antivirus tool.... And also if possible please mention the listen port that gives best downloading speed i'm now using 50000 as my listen port..... THANKS.. ;D

by mr6n8 on 26. November 2008 - 0:09  (11018)

This is a link to guides at portforward for BitDefender Internet Security v10.

You need to allow incoming and outgoing, for both TCP and UDP communications, for BitComet.

This is a guide for BitDefender at the uTorrent forums (just substitute BitComet for uTorrent).

I am not sure which is best or applies to your version.

The 50000 for a port number is a good one. They all give good downloading speed when properly opened for BitComet.
However, a number within the 49152-65534 range is best to avoid ISP blocks and possible conflicts.
Optimizing BitComet for Speed

by narein on 26. November 2008 - 6:37  (11031)

Great work Keroffs... I feel very comfortable with the utorrent firewall setting rather than configurations specified in Will this(utorrent firewall) setting give the same benefit as specified in

And Here is my another question...

I’ve experienced a low download rate(around 50-80 kbps) every time when I connected to internet for downloading movies using Bitcomet 1.06 in a time between 2.00 am to 8.00am. But unfortunately after 8.00am the downloading rate become higher(around 188-235 kbps)… But anyway I’ve no choice since I was allowed to do free downloading in time as mentioned above(i.e., 2 to 8 am)…. I’m currently having 2mbps connection with the upload stream of 512kbps and download stream of 2048kbps…. Is there any way to speed up my bitcomet during that specified period…???

by mr6n8 on 26. November 2008 - 13:59  (11053)

The uTorrent forum guide "should" work as well (only way to know is to try and then test the port as set forth in the Optimizing BitComet guide). I agree that the uTorrent guide looked better.

As to the slower speeds in the free downloading time period, that looks to be an issue with the ISP's bandwidth. Since you are getting good speeds outside of the free period, it looks like either speeds are limited in that time period or people are using it more. I do not think there is much you can do.

The 2Mbps is shown in bits (b) and the speeds in BitComet are shown in bytes (B).
As 8b = 1B the 235kBps you see in BitComet is almost your max speed for that connection.

by Anonymous on 1. March 2009 - 13:22  (16975)

well, i tried everything that you guys recommended, but still nothing works. bitdefender is blocking the listening port no matter what i do with bitcomet.

by narein on 26. November 2008 - 21:04  (11087)

Alright keroffs, the firewall settings seems to be working good and i'm now getting the speed up to 135kbps but also i need to work upon more with this speed issue.... I'll post if i found any cool stuff to make this things to be working out... Thanks for ur good work bro...

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