Java-based freeware for serious users to adventure into the world of noise reduction software.


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Pros & Cons:

It works with Windows, Mac and Linux. Multiple image format support : PNG, JPEG, GIF, ... (prefer lossless PNG compression !)
Takes time to get to know, help files are minimal. Fast noise reduction is not very good so opt for the more precise 'Calc'.

Our Review:

NDNoise is a complete rewrite of a previous product AbsoluteDeNoiser. NDNoise is Java based freeware that works with Windows/Mac and Linux. It is best suited to serious users who are adventuring for the first time into the world of noise reduction software. Very good results are possible but patience and experimentation is required as the help file is minimal and some of the controls are ambiguous. NDNoise is a stand-alone program whose features include:

  • Load/save multiple image with the same filter tuning
  • Three sliders that allow tuning for basic use : noise removal, dots/spots/lines smoothing, retexturing
  • Direct visualization of filtering effect by alternate visualization
  • Differential view for filtering control
  • Zoom in/out at any level.

TIP: Just remember to use the drop-down-box below Calc to ensure you can visibly see your changes. When you have done your adjustments you can have two ways of viewing them: Fast, which is not very precise or Calc which is slower but more accurate.

NDNoise was reviewed by on based on version 0.4.