MyHeritage Family Tree Builder


MyHeritage Family Tree Builder

Handy genealogy software for building your family tree, adding photos, historical records and more.


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License: Free
Categories: Home & Family, Genealogy
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Pros & Cons:

Handy list for navigation, auto checks for duplicates, direct upload, import and create GEDCOM files.
No merge tools, no individual or place reports, no date calculator, nag screens, requires registration.

Our Review:

MyHeritage Family Tree Builder's hour glass view can adjust from just one generation above and below the focus person to three generations. This eliminates the need for separate person, pedigree, and descendant views. There is a handy list for navigation just to the left which can be expanded or retracted out of the way.

MyHeritage automatically checks for possible duplicates when entering people. This feature mitigates the absence of a merge duplicate people tool. MyHeritage does offer the ability to merge relatives from other peoples trees on the website. Good tree consistency checker.

A button appears next to the place entry field when clicked will offer suggestions from similar places already appearing in your database. A pop-up calendar is available when entering dates. Supports Hebrew and French Revolution calendars.

Reports can be saved to HTML, RTF, and PDF format; charts, to PDF and JPEG. The application supports a direct upload to the MyHeritage web site but no other independent web site creation, imports GEDCOM format files and will offer to create GEDCOM files directly from several other formats.

Marriage is assumed for parents but can be changed to another type of status such as Friends, Engaged, or Other. Gender need not to be specified for parents or married couples, e.g. a marriage can be entered for J. Roe and A. Smith with both listed as unknown gender and "husband."

UTF-8 character encoding is supported.

The application has no place or individual person reports. It launches in a browser window on every program launch and displays nag screens when options unavailable in the free version are selected. Registration adds your email to several mailing lists.

It has no merge tools, individual or place reports, and date calculator. You cannot create a complete web site file set for upload to a third party site. Only one source format.

It requires registration and some features need syncing to Its online website was not recommended in this review Best Free Online Genealogy or Family Tree Applications in view of its constraining online limit of 250 people.

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