My Most Popular Hot Finds For 2014


As is customary at this time of year, I pull together all of the Hot Find stories I've written during the past 12 months to see which were the most popular.  Last year, the stories I posted in this column were read 2.01 million times.  This year, as we approach the end of 2014, the figure is 2.18 million.  Gizmo's is clearly going from strength to strength, and in the coming months you'll see more changes and improvements across the entire site.

To everyone who's read one of my postings in the past 12 months, or suggested a new Hot Find to me, or posted a comment about one of my reports, I thank you sincerely.  As it says on the home page, this is a community site.  Without you we wouldn't be here. 

Here are some of the top postings from the past year, in case you missed any of them.  Each was read at least 18,000 times.

Powerful Free Microsoft Security Tool EMET Now in Version 4.1 Update
Large Collection of Free eBooks from Microsoft
Amazing! Create A Windows Font From Your Own Handwriting
How to Check if a Website has been Affected by Heartbleed
Automatic Warning If You're About To Install Unwanted Software
The Best Photo Viewer I've Seen In Years. And It's Free.
Monitor Your PC's Activity With A Free Utility
How To Remove Google+ From Your Gmail Account
A Complete Operating System Optimized For Anonymous Surfing
Firefox and Chrome Browser Extensions that Check for Heartbleed
Still Got An XP Machine? Turn It On Now.
Heartbleed Effect: Passwords You Need to Change Now
One Of The Best Backup Utilities I've Seen For A Long Time
Watch Youtube Without The Ads, Comments, Suggestions, Etc
How To Tap And Monitor Your Own Internet Connection
Keep This Bootable CD Handy For Troubleshooting
Free Software To Stitch A Set Of Images Into A Timelapse Video
Save Ink And Paper. Print Only The Parts Of A Web Page That You Want
Best Free PC Games 2013




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I have already made my comment regarding what happened when I clicked on the link to get rid of G+. The link you provided appears to ask for further information to add to G+, not to opt out or cancel G+.


In your how to remove G+ link, I tried but didn't see anything to downgrade. The only thing I saw was additional information that Google wanted and the only thing to click on was an "Upgrade" button. I rarely use Google so I don't totally understand how it works. All I know is I wasn't about to hit the "Upgrade" button.